API introduction


Version 1 of the Softbook API is structured around REST, HTTP, and JSON. API endpoint URLs are organized around resources, such as students or teachers. It uses HTTP methods for indicating the action to take on a resource, and HTTP status codes for expressing error states. Resources are represented in JSON following a conventional schema.

Base URL

The API is accessed using a base URL. Base URL should contain service then API version. URL pattern: https://api.softbook.app/{service}/{api_version}/

Example of services API URL

LMS: https://api.softbook.app/lms/v1/
Account: https://api.softbook.app/account/v1/

All API calls should be made over HTTPS.


All API requests are authenticated by providing your API key. The API key must be provided as an "api_key" key in the request body or in the URL parameters (for GET requests).

You can find or create your API key in the "Key manager" section of Developers Portal. You must be logged in as Softbook client.

HTTP Methods

The Softbook API uses standard HTTP methods for indicating the action to take on a resource.

Method Action
GET Retrieve a resource.
POST Create a new resource.
PUT Update a resource (including partial updates).
DELETE Remove a resource.